No, Migration Is Not Beautiful

Am I the only one that is annoyed with these damn butterflies? (just fyi this is not to criticize Faviana. It’s this one art piece. i am a fan of her women’s rights posters) 
why is there a need to romanticize immigration?

there is nothing beautiful

about a mother or father having to leave their family behind to find work else where.

about immigrants dying while trying to cross the border into a country that still wont respect them

about people being raped, killed or robbed while crossing the border

about people being raped, killed or abused in detention centers

about children riding cross country box cars to try to be reunited with their families or to find work in other countries to support families back home

there is nothing beautiful

about the imperialist capitalist shit that forced our families to come here in the first place

about the poverty that was created in my country while the USA prospers 

there is nothing beautiful

about people coming over here only to be discriminated against

about laws that will deny them basic rights like education

about people committing suicide because being undocumented is too much to handle

about not being able to visit our families back home and from far away watch each and everyone of them pass away.

what is natural or beautiful about that?


i think it is sad that folks are forced to leave their homes in the first place because they cannot provide for themselves or their families. 

migration is political

migration is imperialism

migration is capitalism

it is not beautiful