The Youth Leadership Council Workshops

Many times for immigrant students, access to information about educational opportunities is often very difficult to find. To address this problem, members of the council have developed a series of workshops in order to educate  students, teachers and family members about the importance of higher education.

The rights of undocumented youth and the college planning process

A comprehensive workshop tailored for immigrant students, educators and parents discussing the process of applying to college, filling out a CUNY application and scholarships search for immigrant students.

Undocumented youth and the NY DREAM Act:

An interactive workshop describing what the dream act is and how individuals, particularly students, can become more active in the NY DREAM Act campaign.

Interested in our workshops?

Feel free to contact us to schedule a workshop. We have a group of trained youth facilitators who can travel at your school, church or organization to conduct workshops. We work with you to conduct a workshop that is informative, interactive and that is tailored for the needs of your group.

Leadership Development Trainings

19th century Italian revolutionary Errico Malatesta said, “Leadership development is about expanding capacity and recognizing that social change doesn’t just happen, it is made. It’s about the long, slow, patient process of building power with people rather than power over people.”

In an effort to build the political analysis and practical skills of members of your organization to enable them to build the organization’s base, fight campaigns, and build the organization, we offer trainings! Below are descriptions of our day long trainings and their descriptions. Contact us if you would like us to host a training.

Get Active Training (4-5 hours)

Our Get Active Training is an introductory training on organizing for the Dream Act in your community, college campus or high school. Some topics covered in our Get Active Training include how to tell your story, how to conduct 1-1s and build alliances beyond your organization, how to conduct outreach and basic organizing tactics. In our Dream Act Get Active Training, trainers explain how to conduct grassroots lobbying and strategically target representatives and state senators to win passage of our current campaign the NY Dream Act.

Civic Engagement Training (5-6 hours):

Our Civic Engagement Training relies on the belief that immigrant youth and their families can become actively involved in the electoral process regardless of immigration status. The mission of this initiative was to encourage immigrant youth to educate and organize their communities to build power and impact the political process. Youth are trained about the history of immigration and citizenship, the political process, voter disenfranchisement, citizenship, media and basics to electoral organizing

Request A Speaker

Thank you for your interest in having a member of NYSYLC speak at your school, event, or other institution. We believe that part of fighting for immigrant rights and creating an informed and engaged community is sharing our stories, experiences, knowledge and skills. We speak from our own perspectives as undocumented youth and allies, from our work as political organizers, from our participation in legislative campaigns, some times from our experience as students, workers, and researchers. As you fill out this form, we also ask that you keep in mind that:

We get a lot of requests, especially when there are national campaigns involving undocumented youth. Please be patient and open to options. Know for example that we might share this request with our Dream Teams, and Borough Teams.

We do this because we believe in sharing our work, and we’re a volunteer led organization. In addition, for those of us who are undocumented, it is harder to get jobs and scholarships for school. Please consider giving the presenter a stipend, providing transportation or food, or donating to our organization.

We are whole people, have political opinions and contributions beyond our stories. Please ask if we are interested in sharing these as well.

Every time we share our story we are taking risks as undocumented students, while at the same time talking about a part of our life that has been a source of anger and fear. Please be appreciative of our time and the sharing of our stories. That’s why we ask that your speaker requests be about 2 weeks in advance and that an honorarium is offered. Once the form is filled out, someone will be in contact with you.

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