United Farm Workers and #Immigration

Did you know that the United Farm Workers (UFW) Union (created by Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez) were anti-immigrant?

The United Farm Workers Union were great for worker’s rights. i am not in any way talking badly of their work or accomplishments. However, this was towards American workers, not immigrant workers. Rather then working together, their messaging and tactics pinned immigrants and workers against each other.


because they (UFW) felt that undocumented migrant farm workers undermined the value of their strikes, protests and labor. They considered them the strikebreakers and were against them coming to the USA.

So they (the united farm workers) actually started border patrolling. They created something called the “wet line” (yeah. you read that right) across the US-MEX border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States. If that wasn’t enough they started REPORTING UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS TO THE INS.

Which is why i get confused (?) angry (?) when undocumented immigrants are recognized or awarded anything related to Cesar Chavez or the UFW.