fake lying ass "male feminists"

I need to crawl into a hole right now and surround myself with other womyn

I need to surround myself with strength and love and power of the people

I need to be embraced by other survivors

others who have been silenced, disrespected, and excluded from shit

others who have been second guessed and thought of as less for being a womyn

others whose leadership skills have been put into question/ignored all together

I’m so tired of being devalued

of my ideas being taken and used for others personal/professional gains and not getting credit

I’m so tired of being asked for ideas and input by guys but not trusted to organize shit myself

Because they’re intimidated by me.

Because they know I know wtf I’m talking about but rather not admit it

I swear I wanna kick patriarchy in the face

tired of the hypocritical fake two faced lying ass “male feminists”

tired of having to shout twice as loud to be heard

one of those days y'all.. sigh…

one of those days