A Letter To You

You’re the bravest
the fiercest
the most hardcore person ever
for being who you are

Here’s to many more years by your side

when you came out to me I never thought it would turn into this joint journey. I never thought I’d watch you grow and become who you are.

Thank you for trusting me

I know things are scary now 
with rejection lingering every corner of your home

But i’m here. I’ll always be here.
We are like family now.
I’ll be here while they continue to think it’s a phase
A lie
A sin that’ll be cured with some religion
A subject they can avoid and it’ll eventually go away

we know it wont

I’m sorry they think that
I’m sorry they don’t listen
We know it’s not their fault
I’m so proud of you for speaking out
For standing up for yourself
so proud
because silence is no longer okay

We know love isn’t black or white
maybe someday they’ll understand too

Here’s to the power you have inside you
to the light that shines so brightly in your eyes
and in your soul

Here’s to them one day accepting your glow
To all the nights up fighting and crying
to all the pride you store away in your cabinets, drawers and closets
to the kisses in the dark
and handholding in private spaces hoping no one notices
no one judges
for all the times you asked your partner to drop you off at the corner

Here’s to one day walking in together through the front door

Here’s to one day walking down the aisle together

with your parents by your side

You are brave
for speaking out
because it’s easier to be silent
but you decided to fight

<3 Love,