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Undocumented and queer youth have been at the forefront of both the queer and immigrant rights movements. We are often told to reflect on our identity based on the messaging of the space in which we are present. We are told that Immigrant Rights and LGBTIQ rights are separate issues but, it is here, at the intersection of our lives, where our UndocuQueer identity brings a new perspective. Being UndocuQueer we live under laws that treat us as less human, we are scapegoats to society’s problems, are misrepresented, and feel unsafe or vulnerable due to policies, institutions, and attitudes that keep us on the margins. Our every day lives are a reflection of these intersections and we will not accept the message that our movements do not intersect.

We are queer undocumented youth. We cannot afford to be in either the queer or undocumented closet. We cannot and will not hide; we cannot and will not let those who haven’t been in our shoes decide and tell us how to act, how to feel and that this isn’t our home. We have the right to be whoever we want to be and love whoever we want to love. It is a shame that the only path we have to legalization is to lead a heterosexual lifestyle. We shouldn’t and won’t conform to such ideas. We have a right to live and love to the full extent of our capacity.

We urge you to come out! Now is the time to come and proclaim that you’re UndocuQueer, Unafraid and Unashamed!

The projects goals:

  • Reach out to fellow UndocuQueers that are already active in organizing spaces.
  • Provide resources for UndocuQueer youth.
  • Have individuals and organizations be intentional in their support and inclusion of UndocuQueer youth.
  • Build visibility regarding the intersections of Immigrant and LGBTIQ communities in both mainstream immigrant rights and queer rights organizing spaces.
  • Narrow the gap between LGBTIQ and Immigrant communities in order to foster solidarity

NYSYLC’s UndocuQueer goal is to create a space to highlight the stories and experiences of undocumented and queer people to Empower and Educate.
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As part of this year’s Coming Out of the Shadows month, we are asking Undocuqueers all over the country to share their stories with us.
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