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A week after the elections, undocumented youth, formerly undocumented folks and mixed status families met together to talk about the election results and to express how this election would directly affect them and their loved ones. 

Although we still face uncertainty, we also want to acknowledge that we are still powerful together as a community and to remember why we continue to fight, support, and love each other. As a closing to the event, we asked the question: What Uplifts You? 

We invite you to submit your stories, poems or other mediums of expression that will be shared on our website and social media answering, β€œWhat Uplifts You?” Submissions can be published anonymously if you wish to. 

For submissions, please send an email to info@nysylc.org with the Subject Line: What Uplifts You? 

You can include your name, age, city and state where you’re from. *optional

Click Below to hear a Poem by a NYSYLC Member M.S. 

We are more than just a label

Instead remember we are a brave and persistent group of people 

Let us not be defined by our circumstances but let's stand up stand out and be counted

Always remember the race is not for swift but instead for those who can endure 

You are stronger than any external force which u come up on