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Como sueño de niña nació,
llegar alto como las aves llegan,
volar estirando mis alas en mi propio cielo,
el cielo de mi mundo de aspiraciones y anhelos,
he crecido y hoy el mundo me arranca las plumas,
me crea fronteras y limites sin dejarme volar,
como puedo obtener mi añorada libertad?

Sé quien soy,
 sé lo que valgo,
sé cuan importante, humilde, solidaria, amorosa y luchadora soy,
pero en este mundo gobernado por la tiranía y maldad,
quien toma en cuenta mi sueños y ambición?

Tal vez algunos tienen poder,
pero yo tengo amor y saber,
estoy rodeada de personas que me ayudan a crecer,
junto a ellas lucharé,
me educaré,
y adelante saldré.

Tal vez mis ojos lloren,
tal vez mil batallas libraré,
pero satisfecha con lo logrado estaré.

Mi sufrimiento me ha hecho fuerte,
me ha enseñado que después de la derrota siempre me levantaré,
tal vez me digan que no soy fuerte para resistir la tormenta,
pero un día regresaré y les diré que yo soy la tormenta,
podrán dispararme con sus palabras,
cortarme con sus ojos,
matarme con el odio,
pero todavía como el aire subiré.

Hoy mis ojos tristes tienen una nueva vista,
un mundo nuevo por explorar,
mundo del que haré mi paisaje,
donde mis alas se curen y vuelvan a volar,
hasta lo mas alto sin limite,
hasta ver mis sueños culminar. 



As a child's dream,
Get high as the birds arrive,
Fly stretching my wings in my own sky,
The sky of my world of aspirations and longings,
I have grown and today the world pulls my feathers,
Creates boundaries and limits without letting me fly,
How can I get my longed for freedom?

I know who I am,
I know what I'm worth,
I know how important, humble, supportive, loving and struggling I am,
But in this world governed by tyranny and evil,
Who takes into account my dreams and ambition?

Maybe some have power,
But I have love and know,
I am surrounded by people who help me grow,
Next to them I will fight,
I will educate myself
And ahead I will go out.

Maybe my eyes will cry,
Maybe a thousand battles,
But satisfied with what I have achieved.

My suffering has made me strong,
Has taught me that after defeat I will always get up,
They may tell me that I am not strong to withstand the storm,
But one day I will come back and tell you that I am the storm,
Can shoot me with their words,
Cut me with his eyes,
Kill me with hatred
But still as the air will rise.

Today my sad eyes have a new view,
A new world to explore,
World from which I will make my landscape,
Where my wings heal and fly again,
To the highest without limit,
Until I see my dreams culminate.


Undocu Resistance Project

NYSYLC Undocu Resistance Project

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A week after the elections, undocumented youth, formerly undocumented folks and mixed status families met together to talk about the election results and to express how this election would directly affect them and their loved ones. 

Although we still face uncertainty, we also want to acknowledge that we are still powerful together as a community and to remember why we continue to fight, support, and love each other. As a closing to the event, we asked the question: What Uplifts You? 

We invite you to submit your stories, poems or other mediums of expression that will be shared on our website and social media answering, “What Uplifts You?” Submissions can be published anonymously if you wish to. 

For submissions, please send an email to with the Subject Line: What Uplifts You? 

You can include your name, age, city and state where you’re from. *optional

Click Below to hear a Poem by a NYSYLC Member M.S. 

We are more than just a label

Instead remember we are a brave and persistent group of people 

Let us not be defined by our circumstances but let's stand up stand out and be counted

Always remember the race is not for swift but instead for those who can endure 

You are stronger than any external force which u come up on