Angy Rivera, Core Member  Angy is a Colombian-born New York-raised immigrant. She supports the Arts and Expression program and runs Ask Angy, an undocumented youth advice column. Currently, she is a student at  John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Follow her on Twitter @AskAngy.

Diana Eusebio, Core Member  Diana is one of the youngest members and leaders of the NYSYLC. She came to the United States with her father and brothers at the age of six. After living in Florida for nine years, she moved to NYC in 2011 after seeing the impact of the Secure Communities program on families. She found refuge in the NYSYLC after attending a general meeting. She is a current student at Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science in the Bronx. Summer is her favorite season, enjoys reading and going to the movie theaters.

Ivan Rosales, Finance and Operations — Ivan is in charge of fundraising, partnerships, and keeping the fridge stocked at the NYSYLC. He moved to New York to pursue a Master's in Bioethics at NYU and met the YLC through work they were doing on campus. He is dedicated to fighting for social justice and will be applying to medical school in the near future. In his free time, Ivan enjoys going on long runs throughout the City. Find him on Instagram @ivanrosales

Janet Perez, Core Member — Janet was born in Puebla, Mexico but raised in the Bronx. Her community organizing is a result of the Lehman Dream Team, a college club that enabled undocumented youth and allies to create a support system, and create awareness about the undocumented experience. Empowered, Janet decided to join the NYSYLC’s organizing efforts in 2012. A graduate of Lehman College, Janet holds a BA in Political Science and Computer Graphics and Imagining. She hopes to use her skills in media and graphics to help revamp the  NYSYLC’s online presence. Janet is a strong believer in empowerment and hopes to utilize creativity in the work that she does, which includes coordinating the Mentoring Program for Immigrant Youth. 

Luis Saavedra, Core Member  At the age of 10, Luis became a Bronxite via Mexico. Luis majored in Anthropology and hopes to pursue Medical Anthropology at the graduate level. He has interned at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where he had a remarkable experience with cancer patients. Luis is coordinating the UndocuQueer Program and a little bit this and a little bit of that; he believes in supporting the NYSYLC all across the board. In his spare time, he enjoys trail running and has an excessive drinking problem with coffee, especially during the Fall.

Lupe Ambrosio, Field Organizer  Lupe was born in Mexico City and raised in the Bronx. After having a difficult time with the education system, dropping in and out of school, she found solace in the NYSYLC; she was inspired to come out as undocumented and own the fear. Most of Lupe’s work at the NYSYLC has been on the New York Dream Act and the Arts and Expression Program. Because of the lack of financial assistance, she dropped out of college but is actively working on her way back, hoping to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education. She aspires to be a teacher and use her skills as a filmmaker and designer to create safe spaces for youth.