wtf are you saying

i asked ASK ANGY followers on facebook to please donate to a scholarship fund for undocumented youth in new york

….few mins laters
an undocumented hater on facebook told me i should work hard enough like he did to get to where he was instead of begging.

of course. i am beyond pissed off. 
at this point. i am used to the hate messages on facebook, twitter, my email and youtube. i just laugh it off. even this one.

here i am…asking for donations to a scholarship THAT IS NOT EVEN GOING TO GO TO ME…but to another youth in new york…and this idiot comes out of no where saying i need to learn how to work hard.

who the fuck do you think you are? do you even know me? no.
you don’t even know what i’ve been through. what my family has been through to be where we are today. why would you assume that because i am undocumented i do not work hard?

i have to work twice as fucking hard. i have no access to health services, financial aid, scholarships, legal well paying jobs, safety… and some how throughout this fucking messed up system i still remember to laugh and have fun. and fight for equality. and not treat people like dirt.

you want to say i don’t work hard? i can’t even get sick because i can’t afford to go to the hospital. undocumented  people keep the country afloat. migrant workers, who usually are undocumented because documented people would rather die than pick tomatoes for some cents, work sun rise and sun set picking vegetables they can’t even afford so your ass can enjoy them. Undocumented service workers clean for you, cook for you, take care of your kids, walk your pets, tutor your kids, serve and deliver your food for little to nothing. most of the time, we made less than minimum wage and with the shit that we make, we still some how manage to pay the bills and feed our families. oh. and on top of that. add money into the pool of social security you can access at old age, while we cannot. while we cannot retire. 

you don’t know hard work. your privilege ass does not know hard work. trust fund baby.  being able to apply for FAFSA and get everything covered. never having to worry about being deported. being able to call the police without fear. not being denied jobs, internships, health resources because you have a SSN. 

i don’t work hard? but you were born…born…BORN with citizenship…you never not ONCE have had to validate your existence. never have you had to attach supporting documents as to why you are a good ‘asset to have’ in this country. 

your degree was put into use after graduation. while undocumented people cannot legally work and many times, cannot finish certain degrees without a social.

i am tired of people saying i am not hard working. people who do not even know all that i have done. all i will do. 

i am tired of having to justify myself for being here. 

i am tired of having to “prove i am worthy” of being here.