Working Skin

Sweatshop eyes glistening with tears that drip drop on red white blue fabric.

Stitched and woven into the American flags they so proudly wave.

Sand paper rough calloused hands feed young mouths,

caress a loving partner good-bye,

Looking for a better life.

Foreign skin

Diving, ducking, leaping, flying, swimming

To achieve a dream

Hungry and thirsty

Mouth watering.

Craving the taste of freedom on their tongues.

Running, screaming, hiding, sobbing, escaping Grimm reaper faces

Black brick-heavy guns filled with bullets of racism.


Falling into a wonderland of dessert sands.

Falling over bodies no longer breathing.

Lungs filled with trapped wishes never completed.

No escape.

No flask or treat to eat.

No white rabbit.

Raped hands holding tight to childhood laughter

Robbed hands feeding young mouths that aren’t their own

Caressing hearts

Hoping to one day return.

Undocumented skin

Working, learning, working, eating and

Sleeping, working, smiling, working and

Crying and working and weeping while working

It never stops

Dragging dreams into white colored mansions and green parks

Pushing strollers that aren’t their own.