She Lied

She promised my mother a better future for her kids
Money her eyes had never seen,
achieving that famous American dream
and a life of luxury.
Without hesitation she left everything behind
For a country that, of course, had lied.
A country that is unable to accept diversity but just spreads fear,
Discriminated by the same people whose ancestors came here.
How can we reach those goals when we’re not treated equally?
I still don’t understand why this country is labeled the land of the free
when tears, segregation, deportations and hate is all I’ve seen.
I feel like a prisoner in my own home, alive with no soul.

A slave in a country that advertises freedom.

Monday through Friday,
I would hear about the right to pursue our happiness.
We’d learn about the pilgrims escaping their sadness,
everyday in my history classroom.
Little did I know I would need 9 digits for this freedom.
They never mentioned that in the lessons.

America never told me I wouldn’t be able drive, work or vote,
for the same politicians that try to kill my hope.
America never told me I would be denied financial aid,
even if i have top grades.
America never told me I wouldn’t be able to see my family,
and that my grandmother would pass away without me saying goodbye properly.
America never told me about I.C.E, deportations and lives being raided,
Causing mix status families to be separated.
America never told me I’d have to witness my citizen friends progress,
while I would miss a semester and continue to be oppressed.

Lacking that famous sequence of numbers forces me to live differently.
I’m in this country but I’m not a part of it.
No matter what happens I will not give up that easily.
I have to be strong and persistent because many times I’m told I can’t do something;
It’s up to me to find ways around my obstacles while the government does nothing.

One thing I’ll never feel is fear.
that’s why I’m not scared to say this loud and clear,
My Name Is Angy I Am Undocumented, Unafraid And Unapologetic.