Resources for Police and Immigration Encounters

Trying to compile resources like Know Your Rights kits and action kits into one page as a lot of these are circulating separately. These are important to have as these raids happen in our immigrant communities. But lets not forget that these different branches of enforcement, Police ICE and the FBI, have been terrorizing our communities for years. These systems are all connected, immigration detention deportation and incarceration. Stay alert. If you know of anymore please send my way.

American Civil Liberties Union - What to do if you’re stopped by immigration, police or the FBI

Civil Liberties Defense Center - Know your rights for immigrant communities

Communities United for Police Reform - Know your rights when interacting with the police 

Detention Watch Network - List of know your rights resources

Disability Rights - A guide for persons with disabilities when interacting with the police

Families for Freedom - Know when you can be deported and when immigration can detain you. Tips for detainees, prisoners & families on the outside.

Immigrant Defense Project - Know your rights presentation with Families for Freedom

Immigration Legal Resource Center - Know your rights during an immigration raid and for parents who are detained near or outside their child’s school

Lambda Legal - List of resources for Transgender Immigrants

National Immigrant Justice Center - Know your rights for detained immigrants

National Immigration Law Center - Know your rights when encountering law enforcement, during a raid, at home, at a protest, in school, if arrested or detained.

Stop Street Harassment - When police are the street harassers

Streetwise and Safe - Street safety for trans and gender non-conforming youth

One America - Know your rights if stopped by the police and during a raid kits and action tool kits during a raid

United We Dream - Toolbox of resources