On being a super strong woman

I am tired
sometimes i want to crawl into a hole and hide from everyone
let go of these burdens and sleep past my alarm clock
sometimes i don’t want to be the super strong independent woman
I’d rather let you hold all this for a bit
can i trust you?

I am emotional
and sometimes it seems like others don’t want to see that side of you
the sad side
the vulnerable and weak side
the one that asks for help
and needs a hug
the one who doesn’t have answers or solutions
they’ve gotten used to marveling at your strength and being uplifted by it
they can’t figure out how to replenish your fountain
they’re used to taking from it

what do you mean you’re not a source of strength for me?

your fountain
the foundation that holds up families and communities
as you sit in the sun waiting for it to rain again
let the drops fill up your core with strength to carry through the drought
because we’ve learned how to be whole with the earth

mujer eres tan fuerte
they admire your strength
but fail to recognize that it took being broken too many times to be this thick
and sometimes
it wasn’t a choice
it was to survive