Some say your body changes when you lose it
I can understand why
Something you’ll never get back
Don’t know where it went
Don’t know why it happened in the first place
It ain’t coming back.

“I lost my virginity to a douche bag” she said to me
Couldn’t feel he heart beating anymore
Couldn’t hear her laughing anymore
She don’t want to talk no more
Trying to be tough trying to be strong
Can’t let the weakness show
Keep these emotions under control

Having nightmares
Tossing turning screaming crying
Hearing him breathe heavy on her
Put his hands on her
Thrust her thighs open
Pry her pull her rip her
Tearing at the perfectly imperfect body
Pushing shoving rushing into her
Not a moan was heard
But the sound of the bed slamming into the wall each time he…

Silently weeping covering the bruises
Cover girl, you can’t hide the ones inside

They say your body changes when you lose your virginity
Hips don’t swing anymore
Shoulders slouched, arms crossed, lips sealed
Trying to love but inside is broken
Everything spills through the cracks
Innocence wasn’t lost but taken
Begging to stop
Following by a grunt and a slap
Hands no longer open to touch
Cold, solid hands pushing, shoving, rushing away from here.
Punching life in the face for letting her down
Lonely and scared
“god wasn’t there” she said to me.

Saw her childhood burn up in flames
All a big blur like faded pictures
Along with her laughter
Tiny little hands holding tight to little dolls
Glittery dreams for a glittery future, no longer sparkling
She crawled into a fragile ball
Body disrespected for no reason at all
Forced to stand up tall
grow up and take control

saw fists swinging into the air
no longer victory but attempted assault
screaming taunting for a fight
holding a brick heavy bat
food flying smacking into the walls of a basement apartment
red bloody ketchup dripping to the floor
pieces of rice decorate the room like tiny little stars covering the night sky
she hides

saw his robe purposefully coming undone
hungry hands pulling a little princess’s body
suffocating swallowing her whole
saw his rusty lips with greed and past innocence
slide up and down her neck
like a light switch being forced to turn on
heard her muffled plea, “PLEASE!”
tears trapped in her eyes start to burn down her cheeks
make it end
scared to ask for help
terrified screams spilling over her edge pouring like the Niagara falls
he said he’d call someone
take her away from mama
separating her from who had given her birth
the one who provided the breath of life that boosted her existence
life that apparently isn’t sacred enough to respect

trembling and shaking
night after night he’s lurking in the corners of her nightmares biggest fears
disgusted with her reflection

someone once told her, “your body changes when you lose your virginity”
but what if it’s taken by force?
No one mentioned what would happen to her soul

The ground you set foot on is divine
You’re not a penny, dollar, quarter or dime piece
You’re a fucking masterpiece
Created by love, you’re royalty
The words you speak
drenched in truth
dripping with life
the sparkle in your eyes
all of it.
all of you.