But still he asked me

Why are you so dramatic
Have you ever stopped to think that feeling and displaying emotions is a normal part of being a human being

Why are you always angry
This statement is usually followed by statements to minimize what I think what I feel and make me feel wrong as if being passionate is a bad thing as if being angry is a bad thing

Why are you so combative
Better yet ask yourself why you feel intimidated by an opinionated woman or why you think I can’t challenge you or why when you have no response you police my tone ask yourself what in the statement you made was triggering offensive or wrong

While trauma rushes through me
Circulating through my veins
making my hands shake
But still you ask
Why are you so intense
take up too much space
Talk too loud
Laugh too loud
Act too free
Why do you have so many thoughts
So many ideas
So many beliefs
So many opinions
Why do you dare to be human
While I try to oppress you
Degrade you
Hurt you
Tame you
Censor you
Control you
Overpower you
Rape you
Harass you
Assault you
Kill you
You still ask
How dare you be yourself
Powerful you