But can we talk?

But can we talk ?

Did social justice movements leave us silent?
Can we talk about these things?
Talk about how it’s hard to envision ourselves in the just and better world we hope others have

How at the end of the day we still feel lonely

How we fight for families while struggling to even talk to our own

How at no point are we addressing the trauma and pain from the past from the present

How some organizers are violent and abusive but still involved because they’re an asset

How we excuse the violence

But can we talk?

About how back to back actions leave us feeling empty while others think it’s only empowering

About how it hurts our family and friends and we can’t figure out how to solve it

About how we don’t stop to reflect because what we will find scares the shit out of us

About how it’s easier to organize out of anger because love is an uncontrollable all consuming feeling

About the harmful ways we cope

About the fear that we’re only friends during campaigns 

But can we talk?

About how we’ve left ourselves on the last slot of our priority list