Despite Freezing Temperatures Undocumented Activists Demand NY Dream Act in 2014

Once again New York Governor Andrew Cuomo leaves undocumented youth our of his 2014 plans. During the State of the State, there was no mention of the New York Dream Act. A bill that would provide state aid to students in NY regardless of their immigration status. This bill was first introduced in 2011. Three years later and the Governor still hasn’t put any effort into making it a reality. New Mayor Bill De Blasio plans to push for the New York Dream Act alongside the the New York State Assembly. But is the NY Dream Act in the Governor’s plans?

Despite freezing temperatures, we got together right after the State of the State in front of Governor Cuomo’s NY office to hold an Undocumented State of the State. We wont give up on making the New York Dream Act a reality and need YOU to add your voice.