Getting Financial Aid With Deferred Action


My name is Maria. I recently received DACA and I was trying to enroll in college however I was denied financial aid. I live in Nebraska. I need help. Am I eligible for financial aid? Please help.


My name is Jafreisy and I qualified for Deferred Action and received my social security card and work authorization card. I applied for college but they’re not giving me financial aid because I’m not a resident or citizen. I really want to start school but I don’t have money to pay for college. It’s really expensive. What can I do?

Thank you I would really appreciate it.

Hey Maria and Jafreisy,

Thank you so much for your email. Also, congratulations on receiving your Deferred Action. How exciting!

While Deferred Action does grant beneficiaries a social security number, work permit and sometimes a license it doesn’t make undocumented youth eligible for federal or state financial aid. The only two states that give state financial aid to undocumented students are California and Texas. Up until now, many states are trying to pass state laws to make higher education accessible. Bills like in state tuition and/or state financial aid.

Having Deferred Action is great! It sucks that there are still limitations and inequalities with it.

Some things you CAN do include:

  • Work

  • I know this can be a bit difficult if you’re not eligible for any help but, do bother you think you’ll be able to work and save enough money for school?

  • Private Scholarships

  • You can apply for these without Deferred Action too! Try finding private scholarships and apply!

  • Take Less Credits

  • Taking less credits will make the cost “cheaper”. I understand this can be frustrating. bleh. No one wants to be in school forever.

  • Wait and See

  • Maybe something will happen and this will change? But that isn’t certain.

  • Make Sh*t Happen

  • Hustle and fundraise!!! Organize and push for a legislative change in your state!

Ugh. I know this isn’t the ideal scenario and that I couldn’t provide the perfect answer but I hope it helped.

Please let me know how I can help from afar and keep me updated on your situation. Again, thank you so much for emailing.