4 Things To Do While You Wait For USCIS To Process Your Deferred Action Application

Hello Angy,
I apply for the differed action back on April and I haven’t heard back from them. I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s been over 6 months.
Thank You

Sent my application for Deferred Action in November 2012. Haven’t received a receipt for USCIS or anything and it has been a year already. My lawyer says there is a delay, but can there be a delay on my receipt? Just so I could rest assure that they got my application and they are revising it? I don’t know what to do or where to call. Please help!

Hi Angy,
I sent my DACA application last year September 14, and I took my bio in October. However, the case status has been showing initial review since October. And I didn’t heard anything from them, not even a request for evidence. Is there anything going wrong? All my friends received theirs already. I’m really worried about it.

I’m just wondering why the Deferred Action application decision is taking so long? I sent everything January 2013 in February I had my biometrics taken in March I received a letter saying that my case was in progress since then I haven’t received anything. When I check my status online it’s always in the “initial review” it has been a year! I’m just wondering what’s going on!?!?!? I’m worried!?!? It really stresses me out…

Hi Angy!,
I have been in the process for DACA for 5 months now (since fingerprinting, that is) and I’ve not heard anything back from USCIS. A couple of months back, I got a notice of transfer. My case was transferred from the Vermont office to Nebraska, I’m assuming because of a backlog. I’m tired of waiting. I need to work. Is there a date that I should definitely give up on it?

Ok lets take this one step at a time. Thank you for sending in your questions and concerns! You all are not the first to ask this question. Deferred Action has everyone stressed out especially when it comes to the wait times! No worries. The wait time seems to be long for everyone. So, here are some things you can do in the mean time. 

4. Ask Others

If you have an attorney, ask them what the process looks like. How long is the wait time for other clients? Are they seeing something similar happening to other people? Also, ask other undocumented young people who have applied for Deferred Action. Many people who applied right away, waited a couple of days, weeks or months until their application was processed. Now, the wait times are a lot longer because of backlog. Many Deferred Action applicants are waiting over a year at this point. 

3. Case Status

If you have your Deferred Action receipt, you can check the case status of your application online. Check out howhere. However, this may not work as much as you’d want. As the wait time for Deferred Action gets longer and longer, the website is being updated less and less. Sometimes, when your case status says initial review, it really isn’t there, it may be farther ahead but hasn’t been updated. For many applicants, their case status jumped from initial review to card production without going through each circle. There’s nothing we can do about that. That’s on USCIS. Don’t stress it too much. 

2. USCIS Service Center

Ok if it gets to the point where you cannot function anymore without knowing what is happening to your application, contact a service center. Reaching a USCIS offer is a little hectic though, so this may cause more stress. Also, many Deferred Action applications are processed out of state; therefore, it’s normal for yours to not be in-state. 

1. Breathe Eat Sleep Repeat

For real. Relax! Or at least try to. Contacting USCIS and checking your case status everyday isn’t going to make your application get processed any more faster. Just wait. The wait time is long right now regardless. Don’t let the wait time hold you back from continuing to live your life. I know this sounds crazy and it can be frustrating, since living undocumented isn’t the most fun. Hang out with friends. If you’re in New York, help us pass the New York Dream Act! Spend time with family. Unplug yourself from the case status updates. It’ll be okay. Promise. Hang in there. No news is good news.