New York State Youth Leadership Council

How we work


At the YLC we have different committees and working teams you can join to get involved with the immigrant youth movement depending on your skills and interests. Check them out and contact the coordinator for more information.

Advocacy Team
They lead all the legislative work of the organization, political strategy and research necessary for our work and our campaigns.

Fundraising Team
Lead grassroots fundraising efforts implementing innovative ideas to fundraise money to subsidize our programs, including our YLC Scholarship Program.

Leadership Development Team
Develop the political analysis and practical skills of our members to enable them to build the organization’s base, fight campaigns, and organize their communities.

Media and Outreach (aka Meach)
They use designing skills to beautify our materials. Team is in charge of the YLC’s public relations, marketing and outreach of the organization.

Organizing Team
Grassroots organizing in our communities, schools and networks in support of our campaigns such as NY Dream Act, Education and Deportation and such, is imperative to make change happen.



Arts and Expression
Lack of resources for undocumented youth and lack of representation within the arts has pushed us into creating this space. We aim to document the undocumented. We aim to create a high presence of youth in the arts and start that dialogue. Also, to foster a space for youth to express themselves.The NYSYLC’s Arts and Expression seeks to foster creativity, safe space, and self- expression for immigrant youth, specifically undocumented youth through 4 different components. Expressing Sueños, Support Group, Dreaming in Ink Workshops and Exposing.

UndocuQueer Program

UndocuQueer aims to create a space to highlight the stories and experiences of undocumented and queer youth while building visibility regarding the intersections of Immigrant and LGBTQ communities in both mainstream immigrant rights and queer rights organizing spaces. We aim to reach out and provide resources for UndocuQueer youth.  To join this program contact us at

College Bound Mentoring Clinics 
The NYSYLC College Bound Mentoring Clinics are free workshops geared to inform and support undocumented youth, children with undocumented parents and all youth regardless of immigration status with their college application process while providing them with skills to become their own advocates when navigating the education system. This program was created by and for immigrant youth because we understand the challenges and obstacles that exist when attending college. The clinics are open to the public. Our clinics are coming to your borough. Check out the dates for our upcoming clinics HERE.
For any further questions feel free to contact us via email at