New York State Youth Leadership Council


Shi Tong Chu

Name: Shi Tong Chu

Story: Mr.Chu arrived in the US 12 years ago. He fled China in 2000 after being harassed and threatened with imprisonment for practicing Falun Gong, a spiritual movement that the Chinese government has banned since 1999. Mr. Chu was detained by ICE while on his way to make a delivery for the family restaurant he operates in Schenectady, New York. His three U.S. citizen children watched in horror from the restaurant windows as their father was taken into custody right before their eyes. His family has not seen him in a few months. Mr Chu faces persecution and incarceration if he is deported to China.

Status: Pending sign his petition here.


Oscar Javier Licona-Cerrano

Name: Oscar Javier Licona-Cerrano

Story: He fled Honduras to escape gang violence. After receiving numerous death threats from gangs who were targeting him to demand money, Oscar realized that he would no longer be safe in Honduras. After enduring much hardship, Oscar arrived in the United States to escape the threats and reunite with his father. He planned to enroll in college and was on his pathway to doing so, when he was detained.

Status: Released

Qing Xiong Liu

Name: Qing Xiong Liu

Story: Mr. Liu is a father of two US citizen children. He is a hardworking man who was racially profiled, stopped on his way to work and sent to a detention center in Ohio. Liu fled China to escape imprisonment after his brother broke the one-child policy. His children miss him and ask for their dad all the time. Anna, his wife, misses him too and hopes Mr. Liu will be back home soon. No family should have to face this. We need to bring up the urgency of his case. Every day that passes, Mr. Liu, a father of two US citizen children and a hardworking man, is in a detention center, separated from his family.

Status: Released

Claudio Molina

Name: Claudio Molina

Story: On March 3, Claudio was arrested after suffering from convulsions and vomiting resulting from the side-effects of his prescribed diabetes medication, Metformin. He never received medical assistance and is currently being held in Riverhead Jail in, NY. Claudo was set to be deported in April 2012 but is still here fighting his case.

Status: Released

Carina and Victoria Valdez

Name: Carina and Victoria Valdez

Story: Victoria was brought to the US when she was only 3 years old. Carina, Victoria’s mother, wanted to give her little girl a better future, something she couldn’t do in Argentina. She worked hard to provide Victoria with everything she needed, including a good education. Last December ICE showed up at Carina’s job after she filed a restraining order against someone ICE was looking for. They were put in deportation proceedings and were being told that they must leave the country on April 29, 2012. Victoria is also related to Jordana, a case we fought in the past and even though she was released, ICE continues to target her family and hundreds of other immigrants.

Status: Awarded one year stay of removal

Jordana Serna

Name: Jordana Judith Vera Serna

Story: She was brought to the U.S, from Argentina, when she was only 12 years old. She attended high school and began working at a local supermarket. Jordana was unable to graduate from high school because her family relied on her financially. She valued her education and obtained her G.E.D while working. After completing her G.E.D, Jordana began to save money to attend college. Her desire to pursue higher education was stopped abruptly on July 22, 2011 when ICE came to her home in search for her brother. They found Jordana and, after finding out her immigration status, detain her.

Status: 1 year deferred action granted

Ruddy Mirabal

Name: Ruddy Mirabal

Story: Born in the Dominican Republic, his family immigrated to the United States when Ruddy was 8. His parents came in search of the now seemingly mythical, all too elusive American Dream, one in which the paths their children were to follow would hopefully be laced with more happiness and opportunity than their own. Ruddy was arrested in a complex case involving his older cousin, who was a known drug dealer. This left turn in Ruddy’s story takes on a plot we know all too well: a young male person of color, in this case with an immigrant with no prior criminal background, who comes from a childhood of poverty, instability, and poor educational access sees his future potential derailed and instead spends the end of that childhood in jail.

Status: Stay was denied

Nazmin and Nadia Habib

Name: Nazmin Habib and Nadia Habib

Story: Nadia arrived in the United States, from Bangladesh as a one year old baby. Now as a 19 year old, Nadia has proven to be an outstanding student and her mother, Nazmin, is also the mother of three U.S. citizen children and a contributing member of her community. Tragically, Nadia and her mother’s immigration history culminated with an immigration judge denying their motion to reopen their case based on a clear and simple error committed by the judge. On September 10th, just weeks into her junior year of college, Nadia learned that she and her mother were scheduled to be deported on September 29th.

Status: Awarded one year stay of removal

Maximiliano Andres Medina

Maximiliano Andres Medina

Story: Max was born on September 6 in Uruguay. He came here with his parents November 10, 2001. In school, Max was a great student and well known soccer player. He started studying at NYIT and transferred to Manhattan Ville College. Now he is 6 months away from graduating with a Bachelors in International Business. He received a ticket for disorderly conduct and after trying to pay it off, was detained.

Status: Awarded one year deffered action


Julio Hernandez

Name: Julio Enrique Hernandez Moreno

Story: He came to the United States in 2007, fleeing threats on his life from gang members. Julio is a bright, hard-working college student who has aspirations to contribute and serve his community. Julio faces an imminent deportation order after being detained in a Greyhound bus. He is set to be deported back to El Salvador where he faces gang violence due to his sexual orientation. His life is in your hands.

Status: Pending – more court dates to come

Cristian Sanchez

Name: Cristian Sanchez

Story: Cristian graduated from high school and is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement. His car broke down and I.C.E. picked him up at the side of the road. He was in custody for most of the night until a friend got him out. His first immigration court date was at 16. 16 can you believe that? On July 1, 2010 he received deferred action for one year. Currently, I am in the process of applying for another year of deferred action.

Status: Two year deferred action granted.


Jacqueline Gomez Lopez

Name: Jacqueline Gomez Lopez

Story: Jacqueline was born in Guatemala and came at the age of 14 with her family after witnessing domestic violence and deaths in the family due to gangs. She took a chance in coming to the USA. However, she was caught in Texas and was sent to jail for 80 days only to be released in NY where her fight to stay in this country started.

Status: Was able to return to the USA and complete high school