New York State Youth Leadership Council

Undocumented: Feeling Less of a Person


Mar 13


Today I realized why I feel the way that I feel.

I was filling out an application for a scholarship so it was the subject of conversation a few times today with my friends.
They told me they received it.

Last year I spoke with a counselor who I felt was dying to help me but felt that my attitude was stopping me.
Sometimes I feel less than.

I attributed it to race but now I realized it’s because of my status.
I have lived so many years being excluded from experiences and opportunities because of my legal status and that is why I have felt like less of a person.

Today it was announced in my student organization that they are paying to send students to a conference.
The travel includes flying so I will not be able to go.
This is a never ending cycle of being excluded and missing out.
I know that feeling like this does not lead to success but feelings are a hard thing to control.
Especially when you have no control or cause the problem.