New York State Youth Leadership Council

I’m Rafael, I Am Undocumented And Proud!


Mar 12


Hello my name is Rafael and I am proud to say I am undocumented.

I came to the United States when I was just four years old and now I am 19. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I’m Mexican; however, I can’t remember anything about Mexico, the only place I can call home is here, the United States. I finished High School last June and now I’m in college. Being undocumented has been very hard for me but it hasn’t stopped me from making my dreams, of higher education, come true.

The reason I’ll do anything for higher education is because of my parents. Since I was little, my parents always told me that they brought me to this country so that I could have a better life than they had. I always had that in the back of my mind. I believe that I’m not only fighting for my dreams, but I’m also fighting for my parents’ dreams.

I faced many challenges to get where I’m at right now. One of my biggest challenges was facing the death of my father in 2009. It is very hard to understand why things happen the way that they do but I didn’t let this stop me. I still kept doing what I had to do to excel in school. Since my dad past away I became the man of the house, I have five sisters and five brothers. I’m the fourth oldest so I had to look out for my younger siblings and I always tell them that if I can do it, they can as well do it.

Anyone can make their dreams come true, when they put their mind and heart to it. Nothing is impossible! Always think positive and lets hope and push for the New York Dream Act pass!

I’m Rafael, I am undocumented and proud!

  • Daniela

    Rafael – thanks for sharing your experience. I certainly identify with you: "I believe that I’m not only fighting for my dreams, but I’m also fighting for my parents’ dreams." Stay strong, keep working hard and I am sure God and life will compensate your efforts.