New York State Youth Leadership Council

Taking Care of Your UndocuHealth


Feb 12


Crying, frustrated, stressed, sad…undocumented youth from all over the country are trying to face each day with a smile.

Trying to live a normal life.
Trying to continue moving forward even though their country is pushing them back.

Not only does living undocumented keep us from reaching many opportunities but it also has a huge emotional impact on us. Our stories share similar struggles like being shut down by institutions or rejected because of our status.

Denied access to health services, work and educational opportunities.
Being rejected by our friends, family and partners.
Having loved ones in deportation proceedings or completely deported.
Multiply all these issues with the portrayal of immigrants in the media, books and other sources.
Being told you do not belong here, there, anywhere.

That’s a portion of what we have to deal with, and still, we continue to fight. The problem is, when we take the steps to seek help when dealing with depression, sadness, suicide and many more insecurities as well as mental health issues. There is little to no help at all. Therapy can seem useless unless the person providing the help is undocumented themselves and can somewhat understand. It’s impossible to really understand the emotional toll being undocumented has on someone unless you’re facing this yourself.

We’ve come to understand that when there are no resources out there for you as an undocumented women, queer and undocumented, depressed and undocumented, we create those sources ourselves. And so was born.

If anyone is looking for a space to talk with someone tune in to UndocuHour which was designed to shorten the distance between all of us, coming together by simply using your phone. This is a radio show that wants to create a safe space for undocumented youth.

If you missed the first show, here is the audio.

  • Tony

    If you were brought here illegally then you should blame your parents for your prediciment. The taxpayers of NY state should not have to pay for your education.