New York State Youth Leadership Council

NYDA Rally Outside Sheldon Silver Office Postponed- Feb 17


Jan 12


All your involvement in the week of action for the NY Dream Act paid off! After an intense week of action, Speaker Sheldon’s office replied accepting to meet with undocumented youth in regards to the NY Dream Act, which has 50 co-sponsors in the assembly and 20 in the senate! For that reason, we are postponing the rally for tomorrow and instead we are asking for you to continue on calling Speaker Sheldon’s office to remind him that his support and leadership for the NY Dream Act are imperative for the lives of undocumented youth in the state of New York. Stay tuned for updates.

1. Please call Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at both his offices:
District # 212-312-1420
Albany # 518-455-3791

Say “Hi, My name is _____and I would like the speaker to support and co-sponsor the NY DREAM Act A6829/S4179, a bill that will extend New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program to all students regardless of immigration status. Your support ensures educational equality for all youth in New York State.”

And remember that the week of action does not end here, so continue on wearing your support for the NY Dream Act, informing your school, campus and community about the importance of this bill and register more people for the Albany Day of Action on March 6th!

Together we can make the NY Dream Act happen! Contact us if you would like support organizing an event for NY Dream Act, host a presentation or get more active in the campaign with us. We are always here to support you!

Let’s keep up the great work!

The NYSYLC Advocacy Team

  • zoe

    Why not ask the hardworking citizen taxpayers if they want to pay for children of other countries to go to college? Taxpayers already cannot afford to put their own children through college!

  • Columbia

    ^ Because those children will one day become responsible, hardworking taxpayers who will greatly benefit society. If you want to complain about what tax money is used for, complain about how 20% of federal taxes go toward defense and security (ie fighting unnecessary wars and killing innocent civilians). I am a college freshman who is also a hardworking taxpayer and can barely afford college, and I wholeheartedly support the NYS DREAM Act!

    • Shankar

      you have no rights to talk about where the % should go and not to go. You & your parents are NOT eligiblel. Period…