New York State Youth Leadership Council

As The Year Comes To A Close..


Dec 11


Fierce Leaders,

We want to take this moment to send our very best wishes to you and your family during the holiday season and the start of a New Year is around the corner. At the NYS Youth Leadership Council, we want to thank you for all your time, help and the donations you contributed throughout the year in order to keep our organzitaion running. As the first and only undocumented youth led organization, we know that without your help, we would not have had a successful year. Please consider donating in order to keep us running and to bring many more programs to the undocumented youth we servce. A small amount of money brings us closer to our target goal that needs to be met by the end of 2011 in order to start planning for 2012. 

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The undocumented youth movement is growing and every day there are other youths who we are empowering to take charge of their own life. We continue to firmly believe in being “Undocumented, Unafraid and Unapologetic.”

Some highlights from the 2011 year:

  • We started campaigning for the NY DREAM Act that would benefit our undocumented youth. Find out more about the NY Dream Act.
  • We held 3 college clinics througout the city to assist high school students apply for college, and are planning many more!
  • We started our 1st high school/college mentoring program for undocumented youth and are starting the 2nd cycle now! Check out the video by our mentors and mentees here.
  • We started work on our Education Not Deportation campaigns and have successfully stopped the deportation of undocumented youth, including Nadia Habib and her mother.
  • We were able to offer 8 scholarships to 8 students in order to further their college education.
  • We have had a sucessful blog that feautures guest bloggers and the Ask Angy page. Have a question? Send it to her!
  • … and so much more!!!  Click Here To Donate.


(From Left to Right: Scholarship Ceremony Aug. 2011, Coming Out Of The Shadows March 2011, Stop Nadia's Deportation Sept. 2011)

This and so much more are some of the achievements the YLC has had. We could not have gotten to where we are today without your help. No donation is too small and every little helps to keep these services and more running. There are still a few days left before the end of the year, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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Thank you in advance for all your help and may the New Year be surrounded by friends and family.

With thanks,

The New York State Youth Leadership Council