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Happy Birthday Ask Angy!


Oct 11


This past year has been one of the most rewarding and special ones I have ever lived. I was able to meet so many youth both in person and through cyber space. I didn’t’ think this column would be where it is now. I never imagined people would read it or actually like it.

I want to thank all of you who have opened your heart to me and shown me a little piece of the issues you all face while dealing with our broken immigration system. Thank you for being brave enough to actually share your problems and letting a stranger know; for letting a stranger in.

Reading and answering all these emails has been an honor for me. Every time I saw an email labeled Ask Angy my heart skipped a little knowing someone out there was reading; someone out there cared enough to submit a worry or story.

These pieces have helped me too. Many times I’ve felt tired or overwhelmed but reading all these emails have provided me with strength to keep going. Many of these emails have helped me see that we are all connected through our struggles and stories. No matter how horrible or low we feel, someone out there shares our experiences. We are not alone and this column has made it visible.

This year is just the beginning of many more years to come. And I hope to be able to answer many more emails!

Thank you for giving me hope.

<3 Angy

Email or fill out this form with any questions, concerns, comments or just your own story. This is a space to let it all out! You don’t have to bottle it up inside. Whatever you write is up to you and you will not be judged. Your stories and worries matter! You are not alone. Remember, the insecurities and fears you have, someone else is them having too. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

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  • Katie

    Happy Birthday Ask Angy! Your advice is incredible, even just to read it if it doesn't apply to me, you are supporting more people than you can know!