New York State Youth Leadership Council

Stop Nadia’s and Her Mother’s Deportation!


Sep 11



After two weeks of thousands of online and phone petitions led by the New York State Youth Leadership Council, Nadia Habib and her mother Nazmin Habib are not being deported today. During their appointment with deportation officers, NY ICE Field Office Director Christopher Shanahan informed Aygul Charles, an immigration lawyer with the New York State Youth Leadership Council who is representing Nadia and Nazmin, that he will review their case.

The attorney has petitioned for deferred action and stay of removal for Nadia and Nazmin. Nadia and her mother are under order of supervision until ICE Director Shanahan provides a final decision on their case. Even though their fates still remain unclear, this break provides a temporary respite to Nadia and her mom, who were facing a deportation order after they were denied motion to reopen their case due to a mistake of the immigration judge. Now Nadia will be able to celebrate her 20th birthday tomorrow with her family!

Nadia arrived in the United States, from Bangladesh, in her mother’s arms as a one-year old baby. Now as a 19 year old, Nadia has proven to be an outstanding student. She has attended the second best public high school in New York and is currently a junior at Stony Brook University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology and Art. Nadia aspires to someday make a major contribution to the world of medicine as a pharmacist in drug research and discovery. Nadia’s mother, Nazmin, is the wife of a green card holder and also the mother of three U.S. citizen children and a contributing member of her community.

The New York State Youth Leadership Council led a public campaign that gathered more than 6,000 signed petitions, hundreds of phone calls to DHS, and rallied dozens at Federal Plaza today. Thanks to the support of the community, elected officials and allies, the Habib family is able to stay together for some time. We thank all the community members across the country who supported the Habib family, as well as the elected officials who signed letters of support, made phone calls to ICE and stood up for the Habib family and the immigrant community. Today we witnessed the power of community organizing and how united we can have more strength.


1. Call DHS – Janet Napolitano (202-282-8495) and ICE – John Morton (202.732.3000)

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask that DREAM-Eligible student Nadia Habib (A# 073-588-622) and her mother Nazmin Habib (A#073-642-352) be allowed to stay in the U.S. Nadia came to the U.S. as a one year old and is studying Psychology. Nazmin is a contributing member of her community and provides for her three U.S. citizen children. Don’t deport Nadia Habib and her mother Nazmin Habib.”

2. We now urge all our community members to contact NY ICE Field Office Director Christopher Shanahan at 212-264-5085 or 212-264-4213 to urge him to grant Nadia and Nazmin deferred action and stay of removal.

Please sign the petition and ask all of your contacts to do the same. You can also share the petition and action alert with your friends on Facebook/Twitter


  • Dwayne Dugger

    Please show compassion. What good would deportation do? For the sake of their livelihood and the children, do not deport them!

  • Jose

    Let them stay. They’re productive members of society. Don’t destroy Nadia’s life!

  • Abir Hossain

    Naziat habib has a extremely bright future,a great student and lived here most of her life! What use in deporting???!!! And Nazmin? is a mother of 4 children and has worked very hard bringing her 4 children up. Please help them continue living their dreams in america, Forward and tell as much people you can to help this family!!

  • Yas

    She has all humanitarian criteria to stay. LET HER STAY!

  • Zareen

    They are a asset to this county… please please please let them stay… It would not be fare for the other kids to loose their mom and their elder sis…

  • Nelsy Hoyos Rosas

    We’re by your side.

  • saifullah

    Let them stay a great student , Please don't destroy Nadia's life!

  • ale

    Please allow her to stay here with her family she is doing something positive for herself in this country. Everybody deserves the chance to have an American dream!

  • Salehuddin Ahmed

    Please allow Nadia Habib and her mother to stay in the U.S. Don’t deport Nadia Habib and her mother Nazmin Habib.”

  • Jabeen Cheema

    Such an outstanding student and a nice girl cant be treated such a way please don't deport Nadia Habib and her mother Nazmin Habib she doesn't deserve this .