New York State Youth Leadership Council

Dicen De Mi


Sep 11


Dicen De Mi

by Yosimar Reyes

They say we come from lands
Not of this place
from a 3rd world
a little farther from their heaven
De montanas frias y sin gente
de pueblos pobres donde el hambre es nuestro pariente
Que venimos de vientos y corrientes
Que somos invisibles
Ya que nuestra voz no sostiene
Valor o poder
porque somos indigentes

They have written their histories with our blood
Built their empires with the bones of our Gods
Erased our tongue
to implement their own
Made us the enemy
in our own home
Divided and conquered
is how our children are born
into a world
where being of color
means you are destined to mourn
the death of antepasados
whose stories have never been told

Dicen que nosotros cruzamos fronteras
en el silencio de la noche
que como criminales rompemos barreras
ya que en nuestras mentes
el concepto de jaulas
nos recuerda que somos salvajes
que como animales no respetamos la ley del hombre

y en las historias que cuenta
No recuerdan
that we have been here for centuries
that before their cities and factories
we used to be righteous
people of the land
with pure hearts and minds
connected to the sun
by gods with dual energies

they forget
that they have made us
nothing more than hands
erased minds and voice
simple robots in a system
where people turn profit
where the history learned is not our own
but one manufactured
by corrupt minds and wickedness

y cuentan
que nuestra gente
es mito
una leyenda
que corre como rio
algo falso
cause the names of our dead
are not found in their textbooks

that our existence needs their validation
Because in their progress we will remain silent

y dejalos
que te digan
y te repitan
que te cuenten
y te aseguren

pero no les creas
Ya que en la guerra
el tirano no cuenta su culpa

Y cuando leas sus libros
con tu nombre en ellos
no les creas
just remember
that your stories
are thicker than paper
they are written in flesh
written in land
in the soil
that buries our dead

Nuestra Verdad
In the whispers of wind
in the rays of the sun
your name reflected upon moons
and the spirits of our people
alive in Pachamama’s womb

Let them write their books
just remember
that the truth
can never be erased
that our people will forever remain

que en el silencio en que nos dejaron
estan nuestras palabras
para ser sentidas

Let them tell you that your existence
is illegal
Just know
that one day our people
will know
the true definition of freedom