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RALLY to STOP Nadia and Nazmin’s deportation!


Aug 11


Nadia Habib and her mother Nazmin Habib are facing deportation on September 29th, come and rally in front of Federal Plaza and show the US government that we will not allow for any more of our neighbors, classmates, friends, and family members to be taken away!

Both Nadia and her mom were denied a motion to reopen their case after a mistake of the immigration judge. Nadia arrived in the United States, from Bangladesh, in her mother’s arms as a one year old baby. Now as a 19 year old, Nadia has proven to be an outstanding student and her mother, Nazmin, is the wife of a green card holder and also the mother of three U.S. citizen children and a contributing member of her community. Despite living in the United States for most of Nadia’s life, they both find themselves fighting their deportation to a country they no longer call their home.

In a recent announcement, Secretary Napolitano stated new guidelines for Prosecutorial Discretion. According to these guidelines, Nadia and her mother are not deemed a priority for removal by DHS and merit a favorable exercise of discretion. Both Nadia and her mother, Nazmin, exemplify what it means to be an American and should be allowed to stay in the U.S. to live their American Dream.
Sign the petition to stop their deportation here

When: Thursday, September 29 · 9:00am – 11:00am
Where: 26 Federal Plaza New York, New York

  • Amiya Palit

    Nadia and her mom is not acriminal,nor terrorist,they should be allowed to stay in this country for persuance of American dream.