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Post It Reminders


Aug 11


It’s so annoying being undocumented sometimes. There are all these reminders all over the place laughing at you; like post it’s about your immigration status in the form of billboards, ads, flyers and much more.

My alarm clock is tuned to the radio and this morning all I heard was prizes I could win if I called at the right time. A car or trips to different countries on boats or planes were waiting for me all I had to do was call. Sometimes I tell myself, “okay, today is going to be an immigration free day” but the world around me doesn’t listen.

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On my way to work I’ll see advertisements about even more trips that I cannot take. It will show happy people walking along a beach in Mexico or taking a plane to England. But, they never have an ad of the people who get left behind. A few blocks down or sometimes right next to it you’ll find an ad for all types of colleges; some even say to call and ask about their financial aid. I already know the answer, “no”. Then we’ll find the billboards for new cars, road tests, driving test and all the happy people with their car. Where are the kids that get left out of these happy pictures? The kid who posed for the picture sitting in the car is probably undocumented and nobody knows. Then of course there are the campaigning billboards. Cheesy politicians that try to seem approachable and immigrant friendly, when in reality, after voting for them they’ll stab you in the back *cough* Obama *cough*. Of course, I cannot vote but I can mobilize others to vote. How could I forget the army, navy, coast guard, marines and other service posters?

I wonder if the people who make all these billboards and ads realize how annoying they are. Do they do it on purpose to bother those who are undocumented? Even Barbie has all these jobs I cannot have.

As I’m making my way to work or to school or the beach or the park or the supermarket I cannot help but wonder who is undocumented around me. Sometimes, I just wish I could worry about other things like school, work or money without my immigration status coming into play but it’s branded into my skin.

Walking down the street is enough to anger someone who doesn’t have papers. I can only imagine someone who is not active in any organization that advocates for immigration rights. All these advertisements make it seem like we are not welcomed here or there. That’s why we try to outreach and use media to shed light on us, so others out there can see they are not alone.


  • Jay

    Wao. Couldn't have said it better.

  • Jay

    Wao. Couldn't have said it better.