New York State Youth Leadership Council

Kan ii HAz A Dreem Teem ?


Aug 11


Many times we feel like we are alone or lonely when it comes to fighting for immigrant rights. Other times, coming to the NYSYLC meetings is a hassle because of distance, transportation and time availability. You might feel like you are the only one who supports this cause in your school or community. It’s hard to find other people who are undocumented or support the undocumented movement and want to be involved as well. But’re not alone!

If you are looking for a way to get involved in your high school, college or community there is something you CAN do. The New York State Youth Leadership Council provides the skills and guidance to create a Dream Team in an area near you! This Dream Team is a way of getting involved in the fight for immigrant rights in different ways; the most important thing is raising awareness along with other goals.

We hope you are comfortably seated at a computer and take a few minutes to fill out this form if you are interesting in creating and/or joining a Dream Team in an area around you from high school, college campus or your community.


With a little patience, time and collective involvement this Dream Team will be able to take and soon enough it will be raising awareness about this undocumented movement with events to advocate for the New York Dream Act, Education Not Deportation campaigns and much more.

Aren’t you glad you took this step? If you are undecided or want more information, don’t be shy and please email !

With Love,
The New York State Youth Leadership Council