New York State Youth Leadership Council

The Dream Of A Dreamer


May 11


Jose Luis Coming Out

I hope you are all in high spirits and surrounded by your loved ones.

As you may know, for years I have stood up for the rights of immigrant youth, especially those who like myself are undocumented (Dreamers). I know first hand how difficult it is to brake the chains of oppression especially when opportunities of an education are not the same for all.

Today May, 17 I will turn 31 years old. Everything that I’ve accomplished is thanks to the support of my family members and youth who have inspired me to continue with my education and leadership. From a 10 day Hunger Strike to a 250 mile Walk from NY to DC I have stood up for our right to an education regardless of our immigration status. I believe in the power of youth. Unfortunately, not all Dreamers have the privilege to continue on to college because we can’t afford it.

“I brought you here for a better education, future and life” are the words my parents always say and these are the same words I tell young people. Our parents sacrificed it all for us and it’s just right to continue our education for them. However, how can our young people go to college when the opportunities are not the same for all?

Today as Jose Luis the human being, who has stood up along side with the most amazing leaders, I want to ask if you could PLEASE make my birthday wish come true!! What’s my birthday wish?? My wish is for more undocumented youth to go on to college and not have to put their dreams aside because they lack the funds. I want you to make education a possibility in someone’s life by donating $10, $20, $100 or more to the New York State Youth Leadership Council’s scholarship fund.

Colleagues, comrades, friends, Dreamers and allies it is time to support our youth, please make a donation.
Compañeros, camaradas, amigos, amigas, Soñadores, aliados es tiempo de apoyar a nuestros Jovenes, porfavor haga una donacion.

With a hug full of Humanity.. Thanks for your contribution,
Con un abrazo de humanidad.. Gracias por su Contribucion,
Jose Luis

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