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Welly’s News round up (Thursday, March 3rd)



Mar 11


Bringing you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the latest immigration news.

The Good

Why the Dream Act will Matter in 2012
Though the vote on the DREAM Act is in the past, it could still loom large in 2011-12 as Latino voters ask both parties what they have accomplished on this very important issue.

They have a Dream
The struggle continues as students fight for an instate tuition in Connecticut.  They filled the entire first floor of the city hall in New Haven hoping to see the passage of the bill.

Tibune Opinion: Time for lawmakers to give in-state tuition to undocumented scholars
A in-state tuition bill has once again been introduced in the state of Colorado.  Though it failed to pass last year, many people including the undocumented youth hope for the passing of this bill.  Though it can not bring these undocumented youth a pathway to citizenship, it can help them with their education.

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The Bad

After the DREAM: Students fighting for a path to citizenship still looking for reliable allies

After countless hunger strikes and efforts to push for the DREAM Act, many Dreamers seem to think that San Antonio, or at least its elected officials, could not care less about them.



The Ugly

A Right to Education

Georgia’s HB-59 threatens to make it the second state to ban undocumented immigrant from all the public colleges and universities.  Given that all people want to do is finish their college education, a fight against HB-59 will occur and support is needed.



Take action: Sign the petition opposing HB464, which seeks to repeal instate tuition in Texas. This is an attack on our youth. Tell your legislator that you are against denying undocumented students the opportunity to go to college.