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BREAKING NEWS: NY State Dream Act (S4179) Introduced


Mar 11


Press Release


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New York, N.Y. The New York State Youth Leadership Council is proud and pleased to announce that today undocumented youth have prevailed. After the defeat of the federal version of the DREAM Act, which would have provided a path for citizenship to undocumented youth, the NYSYLC started an aggressive campaign to introduce and gather support for the first ever state version of the bill. Yesterday, State Senator Bill Perkins (District 30) introduced the New York DREAM Act (S. 4179), co-sponsored by State Senator Dan Squadron (District 25). This bill would provide benefits to New York undocumented youth who meet certain criteria. The benefits include access to financial aid for higher education, access to driver’s licenses, work authorization and access to health care. In order to qualify for these benefits, the young person must have arrived to the United States before the age of 16, be under the age of 35, have resided in New York State for at least two years, have obtained a high school diploma or GED equivalent from an American institution and have good moral character.
NYSYLC members welcomed the news with open arms and renewed their commitment to fight for their dreams. The New York DREAM Act will help undocumented youth achieve their educational and professional goals, and allow them to contribute to their communities. This is the first pro-immigrant bill that has been introduced in the state this year, and would provide much needed relief to immigrant communities.
What: Press conference on the New York DREAM Act

Where: NYSYLC office – 220 Fifth Ave, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001

When: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 2.00pm

Why: The New York DREAM Act will provide access to undocumented youth to accomplish their dreams and contribute back to their communities


The NYSYLC is a youth led organization that seeks to improve access to higher education and creating equal opportunity for immigrant youth and children of immigrants, regardless of immigration status through leadership development, organizing and advocacy.

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Comunicado de Prensa


Martes, 22 de Marzo 2011

Comunicado de Prensa



Martes, 25 de Marzo 2011



New York, N.Y. El Consejo de Liderazgo Juvenil de Nueva York esta orgulloso y complacido de anunciar que la juventud indocumentada ha prevalecido. Despues de la derrota del DREAM Act federal, el cual hubiese creado un camino a la ciudadania para jovenes indocumentados, los miembros del NYSYLC empezaron una campaña agresiva para introducir y reunir apoyo legislativo para la primera version del DREAM Act de Nueva York. Ayer, el senador estatal Bill Perkins (District 30) introdujo el DREAM Act de Nueva York, co-patrocinado por el senador Dan Squadron (District 25). Este proyecto de ley proveeria ciertos beneficios a jovenes indocumentados del estado de Nueva York que cumplen ciertos requisitos. Los beneficios incluirian acceso a ayuda financiera para la universidad,  licencia de manejo, permiso de trabajo y acceso a cuidado medico. Para calificar para estos beneficios, el individuo tiene que haber llegado antes de los 16 años de edad, tener menos de 35 años, residir en los Estados Unidos por lo menos 2 años, haber recibido un diploma de colegio y tener buen caracter moral.


Los miembros del NYSYLC reciben la noticia con brazos abiertos.. El DREAM Act de Nueva York ayudara a jovenes indocumentados a alcanzar sus metas academicas y profesionales, y les permitira contribuir a sus comunidades. Este es el primero proyecto de ley pro-inmigrante que ha sido introducido en el estado en muchos años.


Que: Rueda de Prensa sobre el DREAM Act de Nueva York

Donde: La oficina de NYSLC – 220 Quinta Ave, Piso 5 New York, NY 10001

Cuando: Miercoles, Marzo 23, 2011 a las 2pm

Por Que: El DREAM Act de Nueva York dara acceso a jovenes indocumentados a cumplir sus sueños y a contribuir a sus comunidades




The NYSYLC is a youth led organization that seeks to improve access to higher education and creating equal opportunity for immigrant youth and children of immigrants, regardless of immigration status through leadership development, organizing and advocacy.

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Firma la Peticion: NY DREAM ACT!

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  • Qrturo

    Please let our dreams happen

  • nelson nieves

    While this helps undocumented youth in some ways, the real issue is how can this country provide a path to citizenship. This is what these youth deserve. A path that will ultimately grant them the same equal opportunities that their parents brought them here for. I do not see how this bill will do that. Nonetheless, at least there is something happening and headed in the right direction!

  • Christopher

    I really hope it passes. Gob bless all the dreamers

  • juan

    god make this pass

  • Grace

    I’m so happy for u guys!!!!!!

  • marisol

    i dont want to be fed with expectations, however i just another dreamer hoping it will become a reallity

  • Alexandra

    Que Bueno estoy contenta por los logros, porque se que existen un gran mayoria de Jóvenes en especial a Danielita que lucha incansablemente no solo por sus intereses si no por un inmenso número de personas que luchan por tener un derecho de ciudadano que entregan un gran potencial humano en ese pais.

  • Eric

    Everything makes sense except NYS work authorization. I don't have clear understanding in this particular issue, but I thought the work authorization is granted by the federal government rather than the state government. If it is true, then the section of the bill goes beyond the power of the state legislature.
    Anyhow, thanks so much for your work!

  • lina

    this could help many people who have dreams to have a better future

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  • Juan

    i think it's great, but i think the health care should be taken off, and maybe some limitations on financial aid.
    i my self am undocumented, but this seems like too much, sort of like a "free ride"
    and i am sure this is what some may consider.
    i just think its too many benefits, some limitations would probably help on republican support.

  • Neha

    DREAM ACT 2011 FOR THE WIN !!!

  • WeRtheFuture

    @Juan love the comment. People need to think realistically. We are already technically breaking the law. And no matter how we word it, people who are against us will find any little reason to say nay to this great bill. All we need is a valid Driver's License and Working Papers. That's it. In New York it is possible to get money for college, IT'S CALLED AN ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP! Work your ass off, it pays off. Financial Aid is great, but many may argue against it. Prove to everyone that you are not at a disadvantage because you are "illegal." It's called PERSEVERANCE!

  • Mary

    I hopee this passes, I really do hope cause everyone that’s wants to study deserves to study!

  • Eduardo D. Sanchez

    The DREAM Act Is My Only Hope ..Please Pass It

  • D.m.W.

    Please please please pass this, I can't continue to live in NYC much longer without it. Came here when I was three from Hungary and been living in NYC for over 15 years. Graduated from High school, in 4 year college now but it feels like it's all just a dead end because I'm undocumented.

  • Bee

    @ D.m.W, I can totally relate.. I've lived in NYC for 19 yrs.. since i was 6yrs old. I've graduated high school and college, earned my Bachelor's degree but all i can do for now is volunteer at certain institutions. I'm praying, hoping, crossing my fingers, and toes that this bill will be passed.

  • DREAM14

    Its ironic because my name actually means "DREAM" in Hindi. And I've been dreaming, praying and hoping everyday that this passes.

  • Ms. AK

    I agree with Juan. Financial aid could be taken off, or it should only apply for taking out loans, no grants! Also, legal citizens are struggling with the present day healthcare system, allowing undocumented people access will only escalate the issues, so I think programs like Medicare and Medicaid should be off limits but they should be able to access private health insurance for a good price. If the main purpose of this bill is a drivers license and workers authorization, it may actually gain support from republicans. I am a citizen and I support it now but I think more people will support it with these changes. I can only hope for the best.

  • Jennifer

    God will hear our prayers!! Let's pray for this to pass!!!