New York State Youth Leadership Council

Dreaming in Ink Coming Out Workshop…


Feb 11


Many of you came out to the launching of   NYSYLC’ s Dreaming in Ink  on February 5th  when we had our Open mic. It was an amazing night with many beautiful poets blessing the stage with phenomenal poetry pieces. If you were not able to make it  click the link for some amazing photos–> BriuFlash ) . Dreaming in Ink officially bring you its first workshop this March 5th.

Dreaming in Ink Coming Out Workshop

  • Time: 11am-1pm
  • Where: NYSYLC Office 220 5th Avenue, 5th Floor (near the corner of 26th)
  • Facilitated by Angelique Imani Rodriguez , Sonia G and Angy

This very first workshop of Dreaming in Ink is to prepare participants for National Coming Out Day, where in the same way the LGBTQ community has historically come out, undocumented youth, some of whom are also part of the LGBTQ community, speak openly about their status.

During this session, students will be prepared with tool kits and get a rundown of safety tips if they are coming out as undocumented. The session will then focus on using poetry as a tool to express the undocumented experience when coming out. Though not mandatory, we will suggest and highly recommend participants to submit pieces at the end of the session to be posted for National Coming Out Week ( March 4th and 5th) -Undocumented , Unafraid and Unapologetic.

*In addition to this, just as stated above National Coming Out Week is around the corner. If you are interested in sharing your story via a poem, a written piece, through a photograph or video please email me at . If you do not have the resources( video camera ) we will also be providing dates where you can come and record your coming out story and also photographers that can take pictures with you coming out with signs and posters, email me also at

‎”I am unapologetically showing up in the world as me….undocumented and unafraid“-Sonia G