New York State Youth Leadership Council

REGISTER NOW: Dream Week of Action!!!


Feb 10


In September we urged all of you to host actions in support of the United We Dream Back to School Dream Act Week of Action and you responded with an amazing 120 actions in over 30 states.   You hosted everything from movie screenings in Montana, to soccer games in caps and gowns in Kansas, a mock classroom in Florida and so much more.  We hope it is with that same excitement and courage that you take on this next challenge.!

From Monday February 22nd to Friday February 26th, the United We Dream Network, will be hosting a Week of Action in support of the Dream Act and Just and Humane Immigration Reform!

The New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC) has come up with some solidarity events that will be taking place during the whole week. For those who want to participate in this movement but can’t make it to the events maybe you’d like to participate in these!

PLEASE! We’re asking everyone who participates to send us pictures of themselves taking part in these actions and post them on this event website!

MONDAY- Feb 22nd
is Online Support day.
Change your status to I Support the Dream Act (or something along those lines) and change your default picture to any Dream Act related picture you’d like.

TUESDAY-Feb 23rd
is Call In day
We’re aiming to get 600+ fax/calls done to Schumer’s office reminding him that 65,000 students graduate with no hopes of fulfilling their dreams.
[Phone] 212-486-4430
[Fax] 212-486-7693

is Show Don’t Tell day
This is a day of silence where we’re going to wear a small sign saying what the Trail of Dreams is and why we support the Dream Act.
Please print out the following sign and use it to show others why you’re not speaking and to reach out to those who don’t know about the Dream or don’t support it.
On January 1, 2010 four Dreamers embarked on a 1,500-mile walk from their home in Miami, FL, to Washington, D.C they named this journey the Trail of Dreams. They’re walking to share our stories, so that everyday Americans understand what it’s like for the millions of immigrants, especially young people, unable to fully participate in society. Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. It’s time that our country come together to fix a failed system that keeps millions in the shadows with no way to speak out and with no pathway to a better life. Their journey will be long and full of hardship, but, we see no other option. We are putting our futures in jeopardy because our present is unbearable. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today. What are you going to do to end the silence?” I support the Dream Act because…

THURSDAY- Feb 25th
is United We Stand day
Everyone is asked to please wear BLUE which symbolizes the color of Dreams. Let the world know you have a dream and want to make it come true.

And finally, Friday’s action is a surprise, contact us to find out! 😀
[phone] 212-627-2227 ext 248
[address] 137-139 West 25th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY