New York State Youth Leadership Council

Breaking News!: Taha will not be Deported!


Jul 09


Thanks to everyone who made calls to DHS and Senators Lautenberg, Menendez, Sires and Scott Weber- Taha was granted deferred action, which means he’ll be able to stay here and go on to college!

Taha’s victory comes at the heels of the deferment of other DREAM students on deportation proceedings: Walter Lara and Benita Veliz.

The overwhelming action and support for these individual DREAMers emphasizes the urgent need to pass the DREAM Act this year.

Thousands of other students like Taha, Walter and Benita need your support and action to make DREAM a reality! Let’s keep organizing and keep up the good fight!!!

Thanks again,

New York State Youth Leadership Council

  • Percy Lujan

    We won a battle, but the war is still raging. Who are the villians or the heroes is still unknown. The thing we know is what we desire. We have clear what we want, "we must keep moving… we must keep going."