New York State Youth Leadership Council

The Great March of Westchester: Support the DREAM Act & CIR


May 09


March in solidarity for our children’s future!

When: June 6th
Time: 1pm
Where: Behind the WP public library (Martine Avenue and Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, White Plains NY 10601)

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March for the DREAM Act!

March for the DREAM Act!

  • Cecelia

    What is all this masquerading about immigration reform and passing of the Dream Act.? This is pending over four years now. What is preventing this new elected Obama Administration from passing sensible immigrations laws in this country to ease the suffering of honest children and adults alike. Then earth is the Lord's and everything in it . Why is this dragging of the foot on immigration? When will the Dream ACT be passed if it has to be bundled with the immigration reform process? It is good as saying I have no Time for that. Why is this postponing of dialoge by Obama.? It is betrayal of a people who placed him there based on the promises he made.